A goal is just a number. A strategic plan is a data-driven roadmap that shows you how to achieve your goal. Let’s talk about how we can help you exceed your revenue goals with cost-effective inbound marketing. 

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Having a documented marketing strategy leads to better results?

Neon Inbound is included in the ~ 25% of marketers that utilize this practice.

Taking tactics

To the next level

Regardless of what type of marketing efforts you’re looking for, with Neon Inbound you can expect strategic planning to be involved. We understand the importance of a marketing plan and it’s our opinion that every plan is created with a strategic mindset. Wishing to reach your business goals is probably why you’re interested in implementing marketing. It’s our job to help you reach those goals effectively and we do that by applying strategy and executing identified tasks with our expert knowledge.

We take a personalized approach to each project, by getting to know what brings you to us and your goals. Our strategic process can be applied to any goal. First, we’ll review what you want to achieve, then we’ll identify your target audience. From there we strategize how we can best reach your audience and define messaging. Next, we put the plan into action and review the results. But that’s not where our strategy ends. If you wish to partner with us on an ongoing basis, we’ll review how our plan is performing and continuously reassess it, to optimize and scale our strategy.

Developing Goals


creating and executing strategy

Creating &
executing strategy

Reporting Results


Developing Goals

Developing Goals

creating and executing strategy

Creating & Executing Strategy

Reporting Results

Reporting Results

Measuring Success

A key element of long-term effectiveness is the act of measuring our strategic efforts and refining them. Based on your goals, we’ll take a close look at performance through means that provide the most accurate results. We can track common statistics like organic web traffic and we can also define custom conversions to provide more specific metrics that interest you.

Google Analytics certified

We’re prepared with the skill set to fully track your digital performance with a certification in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an industry-preferred measurement tool due to its cost-effectiveness, capability to create and record custom metrics, and the ability to link associated accounts like Google Ads.

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