Maintain your connections with direct communication in a way that’s effective yet self-moving. Do this and serve relevant messaging to engage your consumers with HubSpot CRM and automation.

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Businesses that have an easy-to-use CRM like HubSpot are more than 2X’s more likely to experience high growth.


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Whether it’s reaching consumers or businesses, personalized communication is a critical piece of your sales and marketing strategy.   Get rid of the Excel sheet customer lists and “segmentation” tools you are using in Mail Chimp and migrate to a cost-effective, intuitive tool that makes customer segmentation and email automation a breeze.

Do you already have a HubSpot account? We can audit your current campaigns and account settings to ensure everything is fully optimized based on your targets and goals.

Are you looking to make a move from SalesForce, Pardot, or Marketo? No problem. You will be so glad you made the switch. We know we were! Check out our Migrating to HubSpot FAQ post for more information.

Connecting with consumers can be engaging and effortless with a strong marketing automation plan that makes the most of your CRM database.

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HubSpot CRM

Neon Inbound is a HubSpot Preferred Partner, meaning we can help you find the right tool, get you and your team trained and onboarded, and provide ongoing support or help out once in a while if you have any questions. HubSpot CRM has a range of marketing, sales, customer service, and CMS tools to suit your business needs. 

How do I get started with HubSpot CRM?

By now you have probably realized your business will greatly benefit from an intuiative CRM tool like HubSpot. Connect with one of our strategists and tell us about your business, your customers, and your current outreach plans and we will discuss the options that will best suit your needs. 

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