SHINE Management Launches Neon Inbound, Full-Service Marketing Agency

December 19, 2023 – SHINE Management recently announced the launch of Neon Inbound Marketing, a new full-service marketing agency that supports clients nationally.  

“As our capabilities and expertise grew through the addition of new team members, we realized that we reached a point at which our marketing arm had naturally blossomed into a full-blown marketing agency, so creating Neon was the obvious next step,” said Marcy Edwards, SVP of Marketing and Growth at SHINE Management. “We specialize in understanding our client’s goals and creating campaigns that are equal parts strategy and high-impact creative.”  

“Our marketing team has been doing some very exciting work for our clients beyond traditional website design or email marketing campaigns,” said Jeff Thomas, CEO of SHINE Management. “With engaging the proper suite of automated tools, smart segmentation, and the right degree of AI, Neon Inbound Marketing has enabled unprecedented growth for many of our clients.”   

SHINE Management has provided marketing support to an array of clients as part of the company’s fractional support business service offerings since its inception in 2016. SHINE Management will continue to offer marketing services to clients who need marketing. 

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About SHINE Management 

Founded in 2016, SMI Business Advisors offers clients fractional business support and advisory services essential for continued growth. Our experienced business advisors have the expertise to help you tackle your biggest business challenges. Our Finance, Marketing, Recruiting, IT, Operations, and HR executives are by your side as you make the critical changes that lead to success.  Visit 

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About Neon Inbound Marketing  

Neon Inbound Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that uses a strategy-forward approach to support client goals through multi-channel marketing and high-impact creative. NEON Inbound Marketing is a HubSpot-preferred agency that helps clients select, onboard, and fully adopt all HubSpot products. View our services to learn more.