Migrating to HubSpot FAQ: Your Complete Guide

The thought of switching CRM systems can be nerve-wracking. But after a seamless onboarding process, you are a few short weeks away from masterfully using one of the most effective inbound marketing tools available, HubSpot. Migrating to HubSpot is now easier than ever with expert assistance from Neon Inbound Marketing.

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We have compiled a list of the most common questions we hear from clients before their HubSpot onboarding.

Our current database is a mess. What is the process to clean up my database before migrating to HubSpot?

Most companies are in a similar position before migrating to HubSpot; their database is unorganized and filled with old data. After all, if your current CRM software was helping you keep your database in order, you wouldn’t be looking into other options.
Your data is in good hands at Neon Inbound. We will take the time to learn about your business model and target customers. With this knowledge in mind, coupled with best practices, we will share recommendations for how we would clean up your data, what we would purge, and what we would archive. As far as keeping it clean, HubSpot does the heavy lifting after your migration, with daily customer and company deduping scans.

What kind of training guide is provided with HubSpot onboarding?

All onboarding clients are provided with a dynamic checklist tailored to their business. Your checklist will include links to resource materials which you can access at any time. During your onboarding sessions, we will provide a live demonstration of each new skill, answering your questions as we go.

Will there be an interruption to our sales process as we are migrating to HubSpot?

No, you can continue to use your legacy CRM software until you are ready to cutover to HubSpot for your day-to-day activities. We will ensure all of the latest data is moved into HubSpot.

What if I have questions about using HubSpot once onboarding is complete?

Once we show you the ropes, you will find that HubSpot is very intuitive to navigate. Unlike some of the other CRMs we’ve used in the past, they have a very helpful technical support team that can help you find solutions instead of trying to upsell you on a support plan. Also, most of our onboarding options include email support.

Why should I switch from SalesForce to HubSpot?

Sales-centric systems like Salesforce were built for pipeline and opportunity management. However, marketing features are not part of their software design. Compared to HubSpot, you are missing out on several key features like tracked website engagement, meeting booking links that integrate with your G Suite or Outlook calendar, tracked email opens, prospect lead scoring, and management-level reports like activity tracking, to name a few.

Our sale team uses SalesForce to manage their pipeline. Can we stack HubSpot with SalesForce?

Yes, you can connect HubSpot to your Salesforce account. While we believe the best choice would be to use HubSpot Sales and Marketing products for a cost-effective, seamless experience, HubSpot integrates with other products like SalesForce, SalesLoft, and Pipedrive.

Is it complicated to switch from Zoho to HubSpot?

Allow us to show you a demo of HubSpot and you will never look back! We can streamline your legacy data from Zoho and load it into HubSpot, ensuring all companies, contacts, and notes are readily available for outreach. Our clients switch from Zoho to HubSpot because they prefer a more intuitive user interface, easy email automation, email tracking, and the ability to effortlessly book meetings that integrate with their calendars.

I don’t have a CRM in place. Can you help me move my contacts from MailChimp into HubSpot?

Absolutely! Many small and medium businesses grow their customer and prospect lists and realize they need a more effective, less manual way to segment and connect. We can review your contact lists and develop a segmentation strategy that will align perfectly with your future HubSpot campaigns.

Do I need IT support to help me migrate to HubSpot?

In most instances, we will only need administrative access to your current CRM, your new HubSpot account, and your website CMS.

We want HubSpot but don’t have a team to manage it. Do you provide ongoing HubSpot campaign support?

As a full-service marketing partner, we can provide hands-on support for your inbound marketing strategy. This can include creating a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your revenue goals and budget and executing all the tactics within the plan, including inbound marketing with HubSpot. Our team is comprised of talented designers, copywriters, and strategists.

How do I get started?

Click the button below to schedule an introductory call, and learn more on migrating to HubSpot. We would love to know about your business and how we can help you reach your growth goals as quickly as possible.