Is a Marketing Agency a Good Fit for You?

Have you considered partnering with a marketing agency?

Finding the right agency can be a challenge, and it can be hard to know when your business is ready. Don’t stress over all the options yet. Instead, let’s take a look at where your business stands to answer the question: is a marketing agency a good fit for you? After all, when it comes to an agency partnership you want to be sure that it’s adding the most value to your business and can help you reach your goals.

Marketing agencies are teams of experts in the field. Because of that, they can add value to a business by seeing what you’re doing now and how those areas can be improved. Additionally, they provide perspective about areas you don’t know about and help execute those tasks. 

Agencies can help with whatever marketing project you’re looking to accomplish or implement. Because agencies can help with a variety of tasks like web building, SEO, and social media, they can also help create a fully realized plan based on your goals. 

How do agencies work?

Not all agencies are set up the same. Some may only have specific areas of expertise or only work on a consulting basis. Then there are full-service agencies that handle the planning, design, and execution of marketing strategies. Knowing what you would like to accomplish through your agency partnership is key to choosing the right one for you.

For strictly guidance on strategy, a consulting agency would be a good fit. If there are specific tasks you would like accomplished like a new website, an agency that specializes in website building would be an option. When you’re wanting a cohesive strategy to be developed and implemented across multiple marketing areas, a full-service agency will be what you need. For example, if you’re looking to have a new website built a full-service agency won’t just build your website. They can implement SEO and content marketing during the build. Plus they could set up reporting methods to review the effectiveness of the website.

Regardless of the type of agency, you can expect a contractual agreement. Some agencies may have pre-determined packages while others will create a custom agreement based on the needs of your business and what will go into executing those tasks. 

Is a marketing agency a good fit for you?

Starting an agency partnership can be very beneficial to your business. In times of big transitions like shifting to e-commerce or starting new branding initiatives, a business could gain valuable insights from an agency. Here are more indicators that a professional agency would be a prized asset to your business.

There’s no time for marketing

The most glaring indicator is that there are currently no marketing initiatives in place. And it’s even more glaring when there’s no time to prioritize it. In this scenario, a full review of your business would be the starting point. This would help identify what marketing initiatives would be most useful and that’s where a professional agency would be able to help. When starting to build any department, referring to a team of experts ensures a strong kickoff.

Staying up on trends is too complex

The marketing sphere is constantly changing. New technologies and software can turn previous practices obsolete quickly. Staying up on these updates is an undertaking that should be prioritized in order to stay relevant. However, to those not familiar with marketing, these trends can be complicated and hard to understand. Remaining pertinent and implementing the most effective practices is key to a successful marketing agency. Bringing on an agency can help stay on trend to keep your business ahead of the curve in a competitive market.

There’s a lot you want to accomplish

If you’ve been looking into implementing many marketing tactics, that’s a sign a professional agency would be a great fit. When there’s a lot you would like to accomplish, a team will more than likely have the necessary skills to execute those ideas. Plus, an agency can consider all those ideas and find ways for those initiatives to support one another in a cohesive plan.

Have you considered hiring a marketing specialist in-house? If there’s a lot you want to accomplish, you could run into some roadblocks. One person will probably not have the skills needed to execute all facets of multiple marketing tactics. It’s much harder for one person to create an all-encompassing strategy and then implement it. Opting to hire a team in-house is much more expensive than bringing on an agency. 

You don’t have any marketing tools

If you don’t have any tools that support marketing efforts, then that’s an indicator that there is much more you could be doing. Certain tools help keep efforts organized and connected leading to more desirable results.

Tools of the trade in the marketing world are vast. Software for managing social media and client databases alone have tons of options to choose from. Getting to know all of these tools is intimidating and can discourage businesses from implementing them. In fact, with so many options you could end up purchasing many different types of tools that don’t give you all the benefits you need. And those costs can add up. A professional agency will be able to see your needs and implement tactics using the most effective tools at little to no extra cost to you.

You have business goals

Do you have a clear idea of where you’d like to see your business? Are there certain goals you would like to reach? Then a marketing agency could be of great value to you. An agency can get familiar with your goals and provide recommendations on how to meet them. In addition to recommendations, you can rely on an agency to implement them. This keeps the pressure off you and leaves the execution of marketing strategies to a team of qualified experts.

Well-executed marketing can help with many common business goals like increasing sales, building awareness, and providing a positive customer experience. 

You want to grow

When trends in business growth become stagnant, it’s time to rethink your business strategy. If you’re ready to grow, then a marketing agency can help. Business growth is one of the main benefits of a strong marketing plan. Driving new leads and getting users to engage the way you want them to is a key component that marketing can focus on. Another benefit of an agency is that no matter what type of tactics you need in order to grow, they are prepared with the tools and skills necessary to set you up for success.

Final thoughts

To wrap up, a marketing agency can be an asset to any business. However, good timing, budget, and the right agency can add more value to the partnership. If you lack the time and tools but are ready to grow and reach your goals, you’re ready to start looking for an agency to assist.

If you’re ready to begin looking for an agency that fits your needs, start here! Learn about our process, review our services, and contact us for a consultation so we can get to know you.