Creating Demand for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Making the most of unprecedented manufacturing capacity expansions

Although it took a global pandemic for pharmaceutical companies and the federal government to realize the critical need for domestic suppliers and manufacturers for pharmaceutical manufacturing, all vested parties are now making up for the lost time.

Dozens of pharmaceutical contract manufacturers (CDMOs/CMOs) have reinvested record-breaking profits into major facility expansions to ensure their capacity can support anticipated demand. Concurrently, the FDA released guidance in favor of continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and their active ingredients (APIs) boosted by hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to support these efforts.

If you are a marketer or business development executive within a CDMO, you are likely oscillating between feelings of excitement because of this expanded opportunity to grow your business while also feeling immense pressure from your executive leadership team to quickly bring them a return on their investment – even if the expansion plans only exist within blueprints and ground has not formally broken yet.

Building Credibility and Softening the Sell

Once all stakeholders commit to publicly releasing information about the expansion plans, this is a prime opportunity to partner with public relations and marketing to ensure the press release gets the broadest distribution possible. Industry publications always provide favorable earned media placements at no cost to existing advertisers. Working with an agency that has connections with pharma industry publishers be especially useful for ensuring maximum exposure. In our experience, click-through rates (CTRs) nearly double on ads that highlight relevant capabilities, such as expanded sterile fill finish capacity, when launched concurrently with earned media. Partnering with a strategic firm like Neon Inbound Marketing will ensure your valuable announcement bolsters all paid advertising efforts.

Since we are experienced pharma marketers, we understand where your target audience goes to get the latest industry news. We understand your customer’s pain points and authentic ways to communicate how your CMO can support their needs. Most importantly, we know the right balance between being informative and just clever enough to get the targeted stakeholder to click on your ad. When done correctly, your ad and landing page will provide your customer with enough information that your elevator pitch will be obsolete, and you can jump right into understanding their needs.

Capturing the Lead

You’ve invested in an ad spend and worked closely with your marketing agency to perfect the ad copy and design; the final but most critical step is to get the stakeholder to complete an inquiry with their contact information. If you’ve made a modest investment in a powerhouse CRM like HubSpot, this should be painless. Your call to action (CTA) should come after you have provided enough compelling information to incentivize your prospect to share their contact information. Once you have the new lead, you know what to do to close the sale if they are a sales-qualified lead (SQL).

Converting the Lead

Due to the drawn-out nature of clinical trials and FDA approvals, your future customer might be just starting their CMOs research to identify those with capabilities that match their future need. Having a CRM such as HubSpot with marketing automation tools will keep your lead warm with well-timed outreach that is scheduled far in advance and conditionally programmed to react to their level of digital engagement. It’s the epitome of working smarter and not harder!

Marketing to pharmaceutical companies isn’t always an easy or direct path. Much like the value pharma companies find in partnering with an experienced CMO like yours, when you work with a marketing agency like Neon Inbound Marketing, you benefit from our direct experience and repeated success marketing CMOs. Contact us so we can learn more about your goals and tell you how we can help