5 Marketing Trends Expected in 2023

The marketing landscape is constantly changing. From new software, function updates, and social media features come new tactics and strategies. Throughout 2022 we saw trends like short-form video and digital experience take off. While those trends are still here at the beginning of 2023 we are expecting some evolutions to take place in the digital marketing space. 

Let’s review 5 marketing trends expected in 2023.

COVID-19 created a dramatic shift in the importance of a positive digital experience. At the time, brands were tested to reach their customers in a predominately digital space. Because of this shift, prioritizing a positive digital experience for consumers has moved from a trend to an expectation.

Over the last few years, the desire to purchase and engage with businesses online has only grown. Consumers expect businesses to provide a seamless experience now more than ever. This focus has especially honed in on the mobile device experience.

In 2022, the number of unique mobile internet users stood at five billion, indicating that over 60 percent of the global internet population uses a mobile device to go online. 


In order for businesses to remain competitive in 2023 they should continue to prioritize their mobile experience and ensure that online transactions can be done as smoothly as possible.

Combining video and written content is highly effective

In previous years we’ve seen short-form videos become increasingly popular. This year we see short-form videos continuing to be successful. However, businesses that use both written content and short-form video will most likely see more success than video usage alone. 

If we think of how many people are engaging in online searches, this leads us to know that people are engaging everywhere and not just at home. Knowing that there are many instances in which people will not watch videos, they will be more inclined to read instead. By providing options for how your content is being received consumers are more likely to engage.

Retaining customers will take center stage

During uncertain economic times, people will be more conservative with their spending. Given that we find ourselves facing uncertain times now, we expect to see consumers less likely to spend. And even less likely to spend with a business they haven’t purchased from before. We expect consumers to value their prior experiences and will engage with businesses that have satisfied them previously.

Because of this, we expect to see marketing strategies shift to match this consumer trend. And will prioritize retaining current customers over encouraging new ones to engage. This way their efforts are more likely to yield favorable results. As a bonus, we see social media playing a role in this strategy by encouraging current customers to share their positive experiences. Word-of-mouth is a highly valuable tool for acquiring new customers especially during times of conservative consumer spending.

Social media will continue to grow as a customer service tool

Social media has been on the rise and evolving since its inception. Recently, we’ve seen trends of consumers reaching out to businesses via social media for customer service assistance. This benefits users by allowing them to communicate through their preferred social media platform and therefore are more likely to do so. This leads to a positive customer service experience and more satisfied customers.

With more consumers spending time on social media and social media tools accommodating these types of interactions, we predict to see this trend continue to grow.

Selling on social media will rise

Even though social media is not a full e-commerce platform, there is a lot that can be gained for your business. Like how users are engaging with social media for customer service purposes, businesses are engaging in social media for selling purposes. This idea isn’t new, but the way it is being implemented is. This concept has developed so much that new verbiage has been created to identify this practice area of “social selling”.

Social selling is bringing new selling strategies in and has even started replacing standard practices like cold calls. The new tactic is to use social media as a tool for meeting and engaging with leads. It’s simple relationship-building but in a new arena. 

We expect social selling tactics to continue to develop and be built upon during 2023. Since we’re already seeing social media offering tools that cater to a customer service experience, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these tools evolve.

In conclusion, we see some strategies new to 2023 like social selling and prioritizing existing customers. But we mostly see existing concepts evolving into something new; such as social media as a customer service tool, expectations surrounding a digital experience, and the continued use of short-form video being most effective. If you’re ready to get started implementing some of these inbound marketing trends for 2023 but don’t know where to start- start with us. We will review your needs and goals to determine a plan best suited for your business. Review our services and contact us to schedule a kick off call.